Standing tall and noble, our Dynamo is designed to the highest standards and perfectly outlined to inspire luxury.

Its stylish recycled aluminum case comes in 4 colors to fit any home decor, and the Bluetooth app feature allows you to set the hours and days of operation as well as the intensity of the fragrance.


Cold-Air nebulizing diffusion technology

  • no alteration of oils, no use of water, heat, or fans
  • no trace or residue in the air
  • whisper quiet, smooth operation
  • minimal consumption of fragrance
  • a minimal level of allergens

Bluetooth-enabled & App-controlled

  • 9 default intensity levels
  • Custom programs for intensity, hours of the day, and days of the week (up to 5)

Plug & Play fragrance bottles, no messy refilling

Available in Gold, Silver, Titanium, or Black, to suit any environment

10 fragrances to choose from, with more to come (comes bundled with 1)