An elegant portable diffuser for your home entrance, bedroom, powder room, home office or car, to name a few.

One Plug & Play fragrance of your choice is included
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Blue / Lavender
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The versatility of our Gizmo is unparalleled. It is small, portable, and easy to handle so that you can take it with you everywhere. Its 3 intensity levels and the reliable coverage allow you to easily choose the amount of fragrance you desire for your space.

The brushed aluminum diffuser and the pink or blue glass fragrance bottle offer a unique, elegant, and beautiful design that will complement your space beautifully. Enjoy your favorite fragrance while taking a relaxing bath, while driving to work, while being in the office, and even during sleep.


Atomizing diffusion technology

  • no alteration of oils, no use of water, heat, or fans
  • no trace or residue in the air
  • silent, smooth operation
  • minimal consumption of fragrance
  • a minimal level of allergens

Plug & Play frgrance bottles, no messy refilling

3 diffusion intensity levels

Portable & USB rechargeable (no batteries)

10 fragrances to choose from, with more to come (comes pre-filled with 1)

Available in Blue or Pink to suit any environment