An elegant hands-free sanitizer for your home entrance, dining table, bedroom, or car, to name a few.

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Our GizmoClean features a smart, contactless sensor that will sterilize your hands by spraying micro-particles of alcohol whenever the infrared sensor is activated by the movement of your hands.

The brushed aluminum dispersing head and the pink or blue glass fragrance bottle offer a unique, elegant, and beautiful design that will complement your space beautifully.

Due to its USB rechargeable feature and portable size, you can take it with you everywhere you go to keep harmful bacteria at bay and avoid pushing buttons or touching surfaces that others have touched.


Motion sensor activation by infrared induction

Up to 10 seconds of continuous operation

Portable & USB rechargeable (no batteries)

Our 80% alcohol is FDA aproved and made in the USA

4 fragrances to choose from (comes pre-filled with one)

Available in Blue or Pink, to suit any environment